Qingdao Customs Clears 37 Imported Model Aircrafts into Rongcheng


In Qingdao Customs District, 37 imported model aircrafts cleared customs at Rongcheng Customs House on October 6. The model aircrafts from Luxemburg, Germany and Switzerland were all carried inward by China Railway Express trains and transited to Rongcheng, Shandong Province so as to participate in 2019 International Jet Model Conference (IJMC) and Rongcheng Flight Festival that will take place from October 14 to 21, attracting 51 flight teams from 15 countries and regions.


Rongcheng Customs House, by contacting in advance the event organizers and customs brokers, customized their clearance processes in light of specific logistics and conducted the mode of “customs transit + release at entry port” to ensure the fastest and cost-lowest clearance for the aircrafts.


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