Hangzhou Customs Fast Clears Anti-Epidemic Supplies to Aid the Philippines



On the early morning of March 21, Hangzhou Customs fast cleared 4.7 tons of outbound anti-epidemic supplies to aid the Philippines at Xiaoshan International Airport. This batch of supplies, urgently purchased by China SINOPHARM International Corporation, included 4,167 testing kits for the novel coronavirus, 110,000 face masks and 10,000 protective suits.


In support of the foreign aid, Xiaoshan Airport Customs House in 7x24hr service provided a multi-posts emergency mechanism, field inspection without the consignor presence, and “embedded” cargo control process, so as to fast clear the anti-epidemic supplies upon their arrival.


In response to the epidemic spread overseas, Xiaoshan Airport Customs House has built a preprocessing mechanism for outbound anti-epidemic supplies, which keeps a special fast-clearance counter helping enterprises handle declaration items to master the goods information in advance, and maintains logistics coordination with freight depots, chartered airplanes, etc. to solve the problems in airway manifest forecast, tally list, and so on. Therefore, by pre-processing the logistics information and declaration formalities, the Customs can make subsequent export clearance without any delay.    



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