China Customs Has Cleared 2.02 Billion Imported Anti-Epidemic Supplies by February 24

In accordance with President Xi Jinpings instructions and requirements made at a meeting to advance the work on coordinating the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, China Customs is doing its utmost to prevent and control the epidemic by ensuring fast clearance of imported anti-epidemic supplies, with the aim of winning the national anti-epidemic campaign.


According to customs statistics, on February 24 alone, the Customs nationwide cleared a total of 70.8 million pieces of anti-epidemic supplies, with a total value of 258 million yuan. By category, there were 67.3 million protective items, including 42.76 million face masks, 615,000 protective suits, and 120,000 pairs of safety goggles; 2.92 million disinfection items; 80,900 medical devices, including 56,000 infrared thermometers; 29,200 pieces of other anti-epidemic materials.


From January 24 till February 24, China Customs nationwide cleared 2.02 billion pieces of anti-epidemic supplies, with a total value of 6.53 billion yuan. By category, there were 1.97 billion protective items, including 1.63 billion face masks, 18.62 million protective suits, 3.56 million pairs of goggles; 13.55 million disinfection items; 4.39 million medical devices, including 789,000 infrared thermometers; 21.23 million other anti-epidemic materials. Therein, donated supplies, accounting for 16.7%, totaled 281 million pieces worth 1.09 billion yuan, including 184 million face masks, 5.09 million protective suits and 1.3 million pairs of safety goggles.


China Customs will continue to intensify entry-exit health quarantine and facilitate the clearance of imported anti-epidemic supplies, which could then be sent to anti-epidemic frontlines with "zero delay".

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