Value of Goods Entering China for Expo Exceeds USD 1 Billion

According to the statistics, by 31 May, Shanghai Customs District has released 2,151 shipments of Expo-related materials from over 170 countries and regions as well as the international organizations. The value of goods released had exceeded USD 1 billion. For last month (which is the first month of the operation of the Expo Park), Shanghai Customs District has exercised control over 546 shipments of goods with a value of nearly USD 200 million, accounting for about 25% and 20% respectively of the total amount and value of the Expo-related goods Shanghai Customs District has released by far.

Sizable amount of Expo-related goods still can be seen entering the Expo Park after the opening on 1 May, including some national treasures and valuable exhibits like the precious stones. In order not to affect the normal operating hours of the Park, Customs officers managed to exercise control over the materials at midnights. For those articles which can not stand repeated unpacking, Customs officers provided door-to-door services and inspected them at the pavilion.

The wonderful shows staged every day in the park require the speedy clearance of the show-related materials which are imported temporarily. Knowing that the shows are large in quantity, short in time-span and high in import and export frequency, Customs officers provided convenient services on the provision of the security by the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination. Shanghai Customs District tries to give the greatest support and helps make the shows successful.

Shanghai Customs District outlined a clearance program especially for the overseas journalists who have registered with the Expo organizer. High-quality services have been provided to ensure an efficient clearance for the equipment brought by the journalists.

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