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Topic: Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Customs Clearance Integration Measures
Time:09:00 AM (Fri) June 27, 2014
Special Guests:XIE Jinyong, Deputy Director General and Party Leadership Group Member of Beijing Customs District, and ZHAO Weizhen, Director of Customs Supervision and Clearance Department of Beijing Customs District
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Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Customs Clearance Integration Measures
[Host]: I’m still curious to know more about the basic idea of the reform, if you please? [09:27]
[Xie Jinyong]: As I mentioned above, the basic idea of the reform is to integrate the advantages of multiple Customs with intensive management, giving play to specialization and creating new clearance process like the “One Center and Four Platforms” as we said. After the formation of One Center and Four Platforms, we are able to minimize formalities and unify standards, with law enforcement to be consistent and clearance process to be efficient. As a result, enterprise costs will be reduced a lot. [09:27]
[Host]: You mentioned the logistics cost will be reduced. For example, shopping is relatively cheap around a port; with the transport cost reduced, will the shopping be cheap alike in inland cities? Will the prices be cut down inland? [09:27]
[Zhao Weizhen]: I think it helpful in some way, but it mainly depends on the market. [09:28]
[Host]: Thank the two experts for being with us. For more information about the regional clearance integration, please call 12360 or visit China Customs web portal. So much for today and see you next time! [09:28]


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