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Topic: Jinan Customs District - P. R. China’s Youngest Customs District
Time:10:30 AM (Fri) May 09, 2014
Special Guests:Liu Weiwei, Party Leadership Group Secretary and Director General of Jinan Customs District
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Jinan Customs District - P. R. China’s Youngest Customs District
[Wang Hua]: Hope this issue will be solved as soon as possible, and then enterprises can improve their efficiency in customs clearance and reduce the related costs. Ms. Liu, there’s another common concern among enterprises, that is, what measures have you taken to serve enterprises and local economic development? 05/09/2014 10:49:50
[Liu Weiwei]: Wang Yang, Vice Premier, noted that, “China has huge potential and leeway in expanding the opening-up in its central and western regions”. Inland region is weak in open economy. Jinan Customs have exerted lots of efforts to boost the open economy in the inland region. 05/09/2014 10:50:09
[Liu Weiwei]: To eliminate the disadvantages of poor water transportation and high logistics costs in the inland region, we have started research on issues including construction of Jinan Aviation Town, the trade access by railway and the promotion of cross-border e-commerce development, and strive to link all the open land, air and e-commerce channels in the central and western Shandong. 05/09/2014 10:52:20
[Liu Weiwei]: We also submitted more than 200 reports on statistical analysis, monitoring and early warning to local governments. Suggestions and analysis reports on the relevant issues have drawn great attention of provincial and municipal leaders, and they are closely communicating with our Customs for promoting the implementation. To solve the issue that inland governments and enterprises do not have a proper understanding of preferential policies and thus cannot take full advantage of those policies, we organized on-site business and policy publicity activities, interpreting preferential policies for 1,128 enterprises and solving 84 problems on site. We have developed 102 special supporting measures in the form of “one policy for one city” and made every effort to help enterprises, receiving wide acclaim from governments and enterprises. 05/09/2014 10:57:46
[Liu Weiwei]: Meanwhile, we have constantly improved and innovated in the measures, as well as deepened the business reform, to better serve enterprises and local economy since the establishment of Jinan Customs District. 05/09/2014 10:57:56
[Liu Weiwei]: For example, we removed the charges on 5 items including the fee for printing the certificate copy of the Import/Export Declaration Form, and helped enterprise reduce taxes and surcharges of more than RMB10 million on average every year. We also launched the “one review for two Customs Declaration Forms” reform in special controlled areas, to save the cost and time for enterprises’ customs clearance; 05/09/2014 10:58:16
[Liu Weiwei]: We assisted in opening the regulatory channel for Huangdao - Weifang fuel oil pipelines transportation, and did our bit to the operation of the largest “land bonded oil port” in Shandong Province, helping enterprise save transportation costs of RMB350 million every year; and coordinated and recovered the transfer of imported waste copper between Customs in Dongying, directly reducing the funds used of nearly RMB1.7 billion for enterprises; 05/09/2014 10:59:27
[Liu Weiwei]: We conducted the pilot program of supervision package business to improve the efficiency of supervising shipping parcels within the customs district; started the reform of electronic seals and centralized and consolidated taxation business; issued measures including one-time registration before exhibition and central inspection and release at exhibition place to efficiently serve exhibitions and exchange activities such as the 10th China Art Festival. 05/09/2014 11:03:27
[Wang Hua]: What is the change of “one review for two Customs Declaration Forms”? What benefits will it bring for enterprises? 05/09/2014 11:04:34
[Liu Weiwei]: The “one review for two Customs Declaration Forms” is a specific example for Customs in simplifying administrative procedures and delegating more powers to lower levels. In general, for the import/export customs declaration of goods within the special controlled area of the Customs, the consignor shall make export declaration while the consignee shall declare the import, and this will result in two Customs Declaration Forms for export and import respectively. The Customs will review the two Customs Declaration Forms respectively and release the goods. After the reform of “one review for two Customs Declaration Forms”, enterprises outside the special controlled area still go through normal formalities for customs declaration, while the corresponding enterprises within the special controlled area are only required to submit a registration list as the document attached to the Customs Declaration Form. In this way, we have simplified formalities for enterprises’ customs clearance greatly, speed up customs clearance, and reduced the relevant costs. 05/09/2014 11:04:38


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