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Topic: “QuanYuTong” Brings Steady Growth to Sichuan’s Foreign Trade
Time:10:00 AM (Wed) June 25, 2014
Special Guests:Ni Zao, Deputy Director General and Party Leadership Group Member of Chengdu Customs District
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“QuanYuTong” Brings Steady Growth to Sichuan’s Foreign Trade
[Ni Zao]: Third is to achieve a total paperless customs process, handle the crossover to the new air freight manifest system, and promote reforms such as electronic release and arrival handling. We will also complete the construction of a customs district IoT, ensuring all capable control venues will be utilizing the Regional Customs Logistics Supervision System. 06/25/2014 10:36:13
[Ni Zao]: Fourth is to complete the first stages of construction of the enterprise service platform. Fifth is to look into how we can cooperate with inspection and quarantine departments to provide a "Three Ones" service which will optimize the port customs process. 06/25/2014 10:36:21
[Ni Zao]: Sixth is actively try to obtain the GACC test site system, and look into developing a background support system, thus greatly improving the level of intelligent operations. Seventh is look into developing a "Dual Core" operation model for managing administrative affairs and business operations, achieving an interrelated administration with "full information, fast responses, and orderly operations" for both administrative affairs and business operations. 06/25/2014 10:36:34
[Ni Zao]: At the same time, actively promote forward thinking research regarding new trade and logistics methods such as cross-border e-commerce, express mail LCL, and international transfer freight flights, as well as develop a diversified customs supervision model.
[Wang Hua]: It's clear all aspects of establishing the "QuanYuTong" are fully underway. One of the points put forward at this year's National Customs Directors Conference was the need to promote cooperation between regions to achieve integrated customs clearance between customs districts without hindrance. I believe Chengdu Customs District's "QuanYuTong" will serve as a valuable example. 06/25/2014 10:37:10
[Ni Zao]: We don't want to blow our own trumpet, but Chengdu Customs District has always tied its development with the development of Sichuan's export-oriented economy. Our own reforms have stayed true to the thinking behind the reforms of the GACC as well as helping us maintain pace with the development of the Yangtze River Economic Zone. The regional customs integration reforms of the past few years have been focused on removing the obstacles stopping enterprises from developing further, especially those that would add to their burden and hinder efficiency improving. These reforms are already starting to show signs of success, creating an even more favorable environment for Sichuan's foreign trade development. 06/25/2014 10:37:34
[Ni Zao]: Between January and May this year, Sichuan had a total import and export value of 172.35 billion yuan, achieving a high growth rate of 7.2% when the country overall was experiencing a drop in imports and exports. We hope Sichuan's trade will continue to see a steady growth. 06/25/2014 10:37:48
[Wang Hua]: Ok. Thank you for your clear explanation. Next let's look at some questions asked by our online viewers. 06/25/2014 10:38:11
[Anon]: #QuanYuTong Brings Steady Growth to Sichuan's Foreign Trade# How will the 'QuanYuTong' make things easier for enterprises? (From Tencent Weibo) 06/25/2014 9:39:27


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