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Topic: Border Trade Promotion by Kunming Customs District in Yunnan Province
Time:09:30 AM (Thu) June 05, 2014
Special Guests:Ma Jun, Deputy Director General of Kunming Customs District; Shi Yi, Director of the Supervision and Clearance Department, Kunming Customs District; Xu Minghai, Director of the General Office, Kunming Customs District
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Border Trade Promotion by Kunming Customs District in Yunnan Province
[Shi Yi]: The specific measures can be summarized as follows: First, simplify the clearance formalities. All the inbound exhibits for the Expo will be subject to centralized administrative approval before the exhibition begins regardless of their batches and countries, and will be uniformly guaranteed by the organizing entities. 06/05/2014 10:02:56
[Shi Yi]: Second, innovate the supervision mode. A system is developed to perform information management on the exhibits for the Expo. The inbound exhibits for the Expo are subject to customs declaration by "list" registration, and the owners can declare their exhibits in advance on strength of the list rather than the previous formal declaration by consignment. 06/05/2014 10:03:26
[Shi Yi]: Third, actively implement the tax preferential policies. After the conclusion of the Expo, the imported exhibits which comply with the categories on the list and the quota will be exempted from import customs duties. In this way, we help the exhibitors enjoy the tax preferential policies. 2014 / 6/5 10:03:41
[Shi Yi]: Fourth, guarantee smooth clearance at the ports. Set up a special channel for the clearance of the Expo-related personnel at the passenger inspection site, and a window for speedy clearance of the Expo-related exhibits and materials at the goods inspection site. 06/05/2014 10:03:56
[Shi Yi]: In addition, we dispatch officers to supervise the work for the Expo in advance. The inbound exhibits can be transferred from the ports to the Expo site directly for completing the clearance formalities. In this way, the customs clearance procedures for the Expo goods are simplified, and the clearance costs are reduced for exhibitors. It was the Dragon Boat Festival a week ago. During the festival, the customs officers worked overtime to serve the Expo. Now our personnel have stationed in the Expo for onsite supervision. 06/05/2014 10:04:13
[Wang Hua]: After hearing what you said just now, the net friends surely realized that the Customs have done so much work for the Expo, and the customs officers have to work overtime. It’s really hard. Let us show our respect to the customs officers! 06/05/2014 10:04:28
[Wang Hua]: Now we go back to the topic on border trade. As we all know, the development of border trade in Yunnan Province needs the pioneering spirit and active exploration of the local small and medium enterprises, and the market expansion of small and medium enterprises also needs the support and assistance from the Customs. Can you give us an example in this respect? 06/05/2014 10:04:44
[Xu Minghai]: OK. Take Lincang Nanhua Raw Materials Development Co., Ltd., a newly established small enterprise as an example. The company mainly engages in the businesses of importing sugarcane and cassava from Myanmar to provide raw materials for some sugar factories in the border areas of Lincang City, Yunnan Province. 06/05/2014 10:04:59
[Xu Minghai]: Sugarcane is different from other ordinary goods. After it is cut off from the land, it must be transported to the factory and be squeezed for making sugar within 48 hours; otherwise, the sugar production rate will be significantly reduced. Therefore, if the sugarcane cannot go through customs clearance quickly, there will be high risks in supplying raw materials for the sugar production enterprises, and the import enterprises may also suffer serious economic losses. 06/05/2014 10:05:18
[Xu Minghai]: In order to foster the development of enterprises, Mengding Customs House in Kunming Customs District initiated the customer communicator system, so as to know about the import scale and plans of the enterprises in details, designate a specialist to provide point-to-point guidance on customs clearance to the enterprises, and formulate the characteristic measures for customs clearance. 06/05/2014 10:05:42


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