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Topic: What’s New about the 14 Innovative Measures Issued by Shanghai Customs to Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone?
Time:01:30 PM (Wed) June 04, 2014
Special Guests:Zhang Hualu, Member of the Board, Counsel and Group Leader of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Customs Office, Shanghai Customs District Shu Qinfang, Deputy Counsel and First Deputy Group Leader of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Customs Office, Shanghai Customs District Qiu Haiying, Deputy Director, Division of Processing Trade, Shanghai Customs District
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What’s New about the 14 Innovative Measures Issued by Shanghai Customs to Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone?
[Shu Qinfang]: The first two are easy to understand. By centralized declaration for multiple consignments, we change the conventional “declaration per consignment” to “one declaration for multiple consignments”. This reduces the time for declaration made by enterprises sharply, speeds up the logistics and effectively lowers the cost for customs clearance. By simplifying supporting documents for customs clearance, we dropped the requirement of accompanying documents for registration list of inbound or outbound goods at the first line and for non-taxable import/export declaration form at the second line. When it is necessary, enterprises will be then required to provide the relevant supporting documents. 06/04/2014 13:49:04
[Shu Qinfang]: By unifying registration lists, we reduced the elements for declaration concerning the registration list from up to 40 to 30 which are required by the 4 special Customs-control areas in Shanghai FTZ. By doing this, we try to make declaration much easier and standardized, and thus reduce the burden of enterprises and advance the integration of Shanghai FTZ. 06/04/2014 13:49:22
[Shu Qinfang]: By selective tax levy for domestic sales, enterprises are allowed to select on their own whether to pay import duties for domestic-sale goods as per imported materials or as per actual inspection status. It will attract more manufacturing-based enterprises to enter the FTZ and help enterprises expand their domestic sales. 06/04/2014 13:50:47
[Shu Qinfang]: The centralization of tax payment means, on the premise of valid bond, the goods are released before tax levying. In this way, speedy clearance for goods can be achieved, financial pressures on enterprises are mitigated, and enterprises’ tax costs are reduced. It is calculated that the time of clearance for dutiable goods can be thus saved by 70%. 06/04/2014 13:51:32
[Shu Qinfang]: By networked monitoring of bonded-goods logistics, we connect the internal management system of warehousing enterprise with the Customs, change the conventional periodical inventory taking to the dynamic and real-time warehouse checking, and realize real-time control and dynamic checking over the inward, outward, transfer and storage of goods. 06/04/2014 13:51:36
[Shu Qinfang]: By smart control at checkpoints for automatic verification and release, we change the checkpoint inspection and release from the manual formalities of “2-up, 2-down, 4-stamping” to an automatic pass of “0-up, 0-down and 0-stamping”. The average passing time of vehicles is shortened from 6 minutes to 45 seconds. With the efficiency of clearance improved sharply, the daily traffic capacity has increased by 8 times. In addition, it also enhances the automatic management capacity of customs in risk prevention and control.
 06/04/2014 13:52:03
[Wang Hua]: Thanks for your interpretation. Many net friends pay close attention to the replication and popularization of those measures. Now, some of them are eager to raise their questions. Let’s look at one question from net friend first. 06/04/2014 13:52:48
[Net Friend: Xiaozhi]: Are these policies issued by the Customs only applicable to enterprises in the FTZ? When will they be available to enterprises outside the zone? 06/04/2014 10:45:12
[Wang Hua]: It’s a common concern of many enterprises. Mr. Zhang, would you like to answer this question? 06/04/2014 13:53:41


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